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Tell us what you're thinking and we make it a reality. — PJ Brunet, Founder
CTS has decades of experience with a wide variety of tech. Here's an overview:
Fast WordPress hosting and customization since 2004. This is our main focus.
(plugins, themes...)
Navigation, ads, lead-generation, custom forms, cost/benefit calculators.
(import, export...)
Enhance your existing blog, website, or let us code your idea from scratch.
(backend, frontend...)
Data stuck in spreadsheets? You could benefit from an interactive database.
(optimization, backups...)
Integrate your business with any API, such as with Convertkit, Twilio, etc.
(UI, layouts, colors...)
Track conversions, engagement, referrals, whatever you want to measure.
(affiliates programs...)
Even better delivery than email! Send photos, emojis, texts, in any order.
(phone lists, bots, images...)
Receive SMS updates if your blog, website, or service is not responding.
(IMAP, SMTP, newsletters...)
With a WordPress blog, your ideas reach the most people possible, year after year, regardless of what the latest trend is. YouTube, Instagram, email, SMS, we can integrate just about anything with WordPress. No other WordPress host offers you that level of customization through the full server stack.

We are hosting WordPress since 2003. Even before that, we were experts in Javascript, PHP, and dozens of other languages. Our founder came up with the industry's first Enterprise WordPress Hosting plan. Automattic launched their enterprise plan the next day and copied our pricing. Competition is OK, because lasting relationships are what we're about. We don't calculate "churn rate" because our clients are usually clients for life. We care about your success.

There's no school where you'll learn to build and maintain robust hosting infrastructure that keeps running year after year. We learned over decades through experience (and mistakes) long before our competition started, to keep our websites and blogs running through various catastrophes and ups and downs in the market.

Our strategy is unique. Our experience is rare. And bloggers come to us because we have the expertise they need to grow.

Daily Average WordPress Views (Thousands)
monthly views cost
quarterly views cost
Lucky Plan
300k views$200/quarter

Peace Plan
3 Mill views$2K/quarter

Power Plan
6 Mill views$4K/quarter

Universe Plan
15 Mill views$8K/quarter

 +10% non-refundable setup

Invoicing: Each quarter is invoiced in advance. We can invoice you quarterly, every 6 months, or yearly, it's up to you. Credit cards and ACH transfers accepted.

Setup includes an optional theme consultation, SSL certificates with automatic renewals, daily offsite backups, PHP 8, dedicated database RAM for maximum speed, and a 1-to-1 migration if you're not starting a new blog. 24-hour system administrator phone support is included with all the plans.
We build, customize, and host blogs and websites with millions of pages and millions of visitors. Whether you need a simple change or an entirely new system, tell us about it. We do not outsource. All work is done in-house. We focus on your technology, so you can focus on your business. Send us your idea and we make it work. Call us to discuss what we can do for you. Our code is guaranteed to work.

With decades of website coding experience, there are few problems we can't solve. Been there, done that. We're able to estimate all the features you'll need and calculate how long it will take to complete.

Frontend UI/UX Development

Content Changes, Logos, CTAs, Analytics
WordPress Theme Changes, Plugin Creation
Multi-Category Email Subscription Forms
Crawlable Multi-Category Sitemaps
Multi-Category, SEO-Indexable Chatrooms
CSS, Position Graphics, Clickable Maps
Search Engines, Control Panels, Datagrids
Adsense Optimization, Position Ads
Tooltips, Navigation, Masonry, Galleries
Photo Galleries, Partner Lists, Brochures
"Machine Learning" Sorting Algorithms

Backend Server Development

App Development, Domain Management
Mailing List API Subscription Updates
Continuous Keyword Extraction & Ranking
Popularity Tracking, Engagement Counters
Image Management, Crawling, Resizing
Database Tuning, Migrations, Backups
RSS Downloading, Processing, Generation
Dead Link Crawling, Auto-Remove Links
SMS, SMTP Delivery, API Integrations
Cloud Storage, Media Management
Cache Generation Timing & Cleanup

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Our Team

Origin Story

Back in the 80s I started a BBS where people could dial into my computer to send/receive messages around the world, download music and software, and play multiplayer games. It ran all day and night and I was hooked. How many people logged in? Who was online? I was just having fun, not realizing I was 10 years ahead of Napster with sharing music and 20 years ahead of Facebook with multiplayer games.

Web Development

Everything changed in 1994. The Internet. This is the year I used my web development skills to create realtime reports for IBM management. I achieved this by crawling IBM's internal network. In 1999 I created similar software to crawl images on the Internet using Java, two years before Google Images launched.

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